The new G4 TV should strongly consider Austin Creed aka Xavier Woods for hosting duties

On Sunday morning, Austin Creed, also known and Xavier Woods from the WWE’s fan favorites “The New Day” launched his campaign to be one of the hosts for the new G4 TV, which announced it was relaunching last week (post HERE).

He should be given strong consideration.

The cross-over market between video games and sports entertainment is substantial. There is tremendous potential there to import Creed’s knowledge and demonstrated merchandising success from WWE to G4. New viewers are more likely to tune into a new product if there is a familiar face being featured, and when talking about video games, there aren’t too many better ambassadors I can think of than Creed. He’s already doing the job on YouTube with UpUpDownDown.

And this campaign, which is already going viral, proves that he genuinely wants to be there. One of the biggest mistakes the new G4 can make is to give us personalities that don’t know anything about video games, and are just there to collect a paycheck.

It’s still early, and we don’t even know what the new G4 will look like. But we know Austin Creed. And we know he can talk about video games and keep an audience engaged.

That’s an important part of the process some organizations never get right. G4 has a chance to get it right immediately.

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