What We Liked About #Smackdown 9/18/20: Aggressive Big E, Bayley and Sasha overdrive, Roman and Jey tension

Another Friday Night Smackdown in the books. Here is what we enjoyed:

Aggressive “E”: Big E’s singles push continues to be a favorite with viewers, especially that more aggressive turn they had him make tonight during his feud with Sheamus. That belly to belly on the car was sensational. It’s going to be fun to see where this goes.

Another brutal Bayley attack on Sasha Banks: “You are nothing without me.” Sasha Banks just continues to have a stellar year and this feud with her former best friend is just terrific. In case you missed it, she’s also joining the Star Wars Universe (story HERE).

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso slowly creep towards the edge: Face it. You were waiting on Roman to snap on his cousin tonight. Weren’t you? Some good story telling in the ring as they embraced after defeating Sheamus and Baron Corbin. It’s going to happen before their match up at Clash Of Champions and it will be a great showcase for both athletes.

Honorable Mention: Another great step in building Alex Bliss towards her transformation into whatever she’ll eventually have to do with the fiend.

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