WWE Superstars must be allowed to continue social media side hustles to survive

Wrestling blogs, YouTubers, and Podcasters are horribly inaccurate on a regular basis, which is why I’m not going to link to any of their stuff. But there is enough buzz from actual wrestlers to indicate some truth to this story

The WWE wants our superstars to stop their social media side hustles. I’m talking about YouTube, Cameo, Twitch, all of that stuff which allows our independently contracted heroes to make money aside from their in ring activities. This protects them from injuries and the often unreliable wrestling industry which can kick them to the side at any moment.

They must be allowed to continue providing for themselves. We need the WWE to stand down on this one.

I actually have some personal experience on this.

There have been times when my partnerships have let me know that they weren’t crazy about my blog and would prefer that I set it aside.

My answer each time has been “no”. Take the TV. Take the radio. That stuff most likely will never belong to me.

This blog is mine. It has my name on it. Not theirs.

There is a feeling I’ve got that the WWE Superstars feel the same way about their independent projects.

This is also an unneeded distraction for WWE. The product is pretty good right now.

I love Paul Heyman with Roman Reigns (and I’ve never been a big Roman fan), Sasha and Bayley are just so wonderful right now. Drew and Bray are still doing it right, and Asuka is also great.

Why do this now?

Let’s hope the WWE let’s this go. I’ve been watching this organization my entire life and it would be unfortunate to see them hold talent back.

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