Movie Review: “17 Again” manages to deliver fun by not taking itself too seriously

*This is an FTR classic review, published and imported long after the release of the film*

Nothing says the 2000s like a film such as “17 Again”. A supernatural “what if” movie that features a collective of great stars from the era who were in our households every week. And on the strength of those stars it’s a fun watch.

The film stars Zac Efron (High School Musical) as Mike O’Donnel, a former high school big shot who gives up his hoop dreams to start a family. Now a grown up (played by Matthew Perry) he’s navigating a divorce to his estrange wife (Leslie Mann) while trying to figure out his kids and keep his life together.

One day he meets a school janitor who through some unexplained magic turns him back to his 17 year old self, who must now navigate high school in a new era while trying not to let his adult life slip away. He registers to school pretending to be his best friend’s son (played by Thomas Lennon).

Let’s keep this short.

The film is fully aware of what it is. A fun, airy, Saturday afternoon outing. And in that regard it succeeds. Director Burr Steers makes sure of that. That’s how you should take it. Efron and the rest of the cast are good in the non demanding roles.

And I enjoyed it. If you’re expectations are right, you will too.

17 Again

Grade: B-

Rated: PG 13

Running Time: 1 hour 42 minutes

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