Movie Review: “2 Days in New York” offers some chuckles but little else

*This is an FTR classic review. It was published and imported after the original release of the film*

I would take a flyer on a comedy starring Chris Rock and Julie Delpy playing a stressed out married couple living in New York. In fact, I did, and this is why we’ve got a review on their comedy “2 Days In New York”.

Rock and Delpy star as Mingus and Marion, the heads of a family living somewhat happily in New York. When Marion’s family come to a visit from France, they completely turn over the undersized apartment and immediately cause havok in the couple’s lives.

Some of it works. Most of it does not.

Our two stars are good. They’ll make you laugh. This is because they’re good actors. But a lot of the laughs are a little too bizarre to really allow this film to take off. It’s not always boring. Its just not funny most of the time. That’s the real problem with “2 Days in New York”.

Delpy actually directed this film and I wanted to like it, but it just never happened. Speaking French would probably let the jokes fly a little higher than they would with subtitles.

If you’re a fan of the two stars give it a fast peek and see if it grabs you. Otherwise pick something else from the catalog of Rock and Delpy’s respective movie wins.

2 Days in New York

Grade: C-

Running Time: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

Rated R

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