Florida leaders should support importing cheaper prescription drugs from Canada

On Thursday, the Florida House approved a bill that would allow prescription drugs to be imported from Canada and made available at a lower cost (story HERE). The Senate must now do their part to pass the bill before Governor Ron DeSantis can sign the measure into law.

Florida residents should do what they can to ensure that happens.

Bringing down the cost of prescription drugs is one of the few concepts that draws supports from both sides of the aisle. Why?

Because it is one of the most costly expenses that affects our senior citizens every month. Our mothers, fathers, grandpas, and grandmas.

And senior citizens vote.

Political motivations aside, it’s the right thing to do. These drugs would have to adhere to FDA standards to ensure their safety and the United States already over pays for their drugs. It’s a part of our healthcare problem.

Ron DeSantis likes it. Bernie Sanders likes it (story HERE). These are two strong references from both sides of the political spectrum.

I have parents with prescriptions and I’ve seen the costs. There are many of you that probably have as well. If there are safe alternatives, we must pursue them.

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