Ultimate I4 is still a nightmare, but we’re slowly seeing progress

The Orlando tri-county area has been living with the massive reconstruction of Florida’s main traffic vein Interstate 4. The 2.3 billion dollar project known as Ultimate I4 has been going since 2015 and is due to be completed by 2021, and has been a nightmare in the daily lives of commuters. Here in 2019, the downtown Orlando resembles a sci-fi battleground with ramps, barricades, and materials everywhere.

When I spoke to voters last year, it was far and away their biggest headache locally.

But we’re starting to see some areas move closer to completion and alleviate some areas that were the cause of major delays before construction began.

Let’s start in Altamonte Springs, where the westbound off ramp has been extended. Previously, drivers had to bottleneck through the area as the region continues to grow, but now they’re rerouted through much further back, shortly after the Longwood exit.

In Maitland, the location of serious commuter headaches, the eastbound on ramp to I4 has been brought online and drivers don’t have to compete for road with drivers heading up and down Maitland boulevard. Now, there is a fine looking stretch of road that merges drives eastbound and that commute to West Volusia county should get even better with additional lanes being implemented in the coming months.

We’ve also seen additional lanes being brought online from the downtown area and little by little, drivers are seeing the product of their years of headaches.

The headaches aren’t over yet though. Recently, there have been stories about the safety of the personnel working on the project (story HERE). We must remain mindful of those working long hours in the elements in that tough environment.

But we’re seeing progress and we should continue to see improvements to Orlando’s most important stretch of road.

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