Seminole County should be tough but fair when enacting rules for Airbnb, vacation rentals

On Tuesday, the Seminole County Commission is expected to begin laying down rules for vacation rental arrangements like Airbnb which have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years (story HERE).

As a Seminole County resident myself, I believe they should be on the tough but fair when setting those regulations.

They’re already on the right track, this is about protecting residents, these residents didn’t expect to be living next to vacation homes when they purchased their homes in Seminole County, otherwise they would have bought homes in vacation communities.

The annual registration rate, which is being pitched to be somewhere between $150 to $250 dollars, should be set at $250 or higher. A portion of this fund is set to go towards affordable housing, which we cannot forget is one of the biggest problems we have in Central Florida (story HERE). The loud noise ordinance should start at 10pm instead of the proposed 11pm hour. Other rules regarding occupancy, parking, and administration are appropriate.

Keep in mind, AirBnb was speculated to be worth at least $38 billion dollars (story HERE). They can stomach some tough consideration when moving into new communities

There are also the rights of the property owner, who should be able to decide who can stay on that property.

Just not at the cost of their neighbors, who couldn’t predict how technology would be able to house strangers across the street from their home.

Let’s be tough but fair, and let’s put Seminole County residents first when considering these regulations.

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