We should put an end to VISIT Florida and reevaluate similar Orlando agencies too

It looks like VISIT Florida, the state’s tourism marketing outfit is on it’s final days. The budget for the controversial agency in this year’s budget doesn’t appear to be enough for them to continue.

This is the right decision. This is because VISIT Florida has always had a hard time demonstrating return of investment to taxpayers.

They handle strategy and marketing for Florida.

“But don’t major theme parks, attractions, and communities already handle their own marketing?”

That’s a fair question and yes they do. It’s not like the end of VISIT Florida is going to cause Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, and Daytona Beach to turn into dust and disappear from the earth. The truth is that we haven’t needed this kind agency for sometime.

This agency has also had it’s share problems, including the lack of transparency involving a $1 million dollar contract with rapper, Pitbull (story HERE). It’s time to go.

And local leaders should take a look around and look for similar agencies that are spending taxpayer dollars on redundant services in the Orlando area as well. These trendy sounding operations exist and they deserve more public scrutiny on how they’re spending your money.

We must never take our taxpayer’s dollars for granted, especially when we’re scraping for funds to go towards education and public safety. If you can’t demonstrate a return of investment to the community, you have to go.

Let’s make sure the sun sets on VISIT Florida and then shine a spotlight here in Central Florida too.

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