Corrine drive proposal a step in the right direction for pedestrian safety in Orlando

If you’re familiar with the Audubon Park community, you know it’s a neat neighborhood with trendy shopping and dining. It’s also a great residential area that remains quaint despite being less than 10 minutes from downtown Orlando.

You probably also know that Corrine drive, the main drag that runs through Audubon Park, around Leu Gardens, and brushes up against Mills avenue can be an “adventuresome” drive at times, with an untraditional traffic pattern and awkward lane alignment.

Local officials are trying to improve Corrine Drive with a 10 year, $10 million dollar project that is preparing to undergo consideration from the public and municipal government (story HERE).

The project aims to cosmetically improve the road as well as bolster the flow of traffic through the area.

More importantly, it takes step to improve pedestrian safety and the safety of those on bicycle.

I don’t have to tell you Orlando’s record for pedestrian safety. We’re really bad at it (story HERE). The worst in the country.

The Corrine Drive proposal would reduce driving speeds and make walkways more visible to drivers. It would also improve on safety at it’s intersections.

“Well, that doesn’t sound too hard. Why haven’t we been doing this all along?”

That’s a fine question. In all fairness, safety on busier roads like Colonial drive, Semoran boulevard, and just down the street in Winter Park, deal with much more traffic traveling at higher speeds.

It requires drivers to do difficult tasks like set down their cellphones and focus on driving.

It also requires pedestrians to pay attention to their end of safety responsibilities and not ignore the traffic rules which unfortunately has ended badly many times.

The Corrine Project isn’t perfect. The construction will tie up travel times around Baldwin Park, and residents won’t like that.

But it does demonstrate forward thinking to eliminate one of the biggest problems facing the Central Florida area when it comes to public safety.

And that’s a start.

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