Here is what we have left to look forward to after the Battle of Winterfell on Game of Thrones

The Battle of Winterfell is over, and we’re all still exhausted from the 80 minute sprint through a spectacle that was one of the biggest battles ever put to screen. The rewarding payoff for two hours of story building.

What do we have to look forward to now with only three episodes to go? Here is what I’m looking at.

The battle for Kings Landing: The last big battle of the series could determine whether Cersei will stay on the Iron Throne or if someone new will rule over the seven kingdoms. Kings Landing is shot on a beautiful location in Croatia, and a brightly lit final battle spanning these wonderful streets with our characters storming the castle for the final showdown sounds epic.

The Clegane Bowl aka The Hound vs. The Mountain: It’s going to be settled between these two. Right? We had just a few wonderful moments between the big brothers last season and I’m hoping for one last bruising conflict to settle their bitter sibling rivalry. Watch. The Mountain is going to win this fight. You read it here.

Bronn’s final play: Sir Bronn of the Blackwater, our favorite sellsword, cut a deal with Cersei to take out Jamie and Tyrion. Is he going to go through with it? Probably not, but this character is arguably one of the most well liked non-main characters on the show. People will be watching to see how his story ends.

Closure for our characters
: There is only one Iron Throne, and we’ve still got about 20 relevant characters. It’s up to the writers to use these last episodes to start closing out story lines. We’re a demanding audience. We want a “Wire-esque” wrap up that shows where everyone ultimately ends up. Perhaps leave two or three up in there for speculation.

The rush “For the Throne”: Who will it be? I’m saving my prediction for another post, but I hope it’s a conclusion that allows both the sword-swingers and strong-thinkers an opportunity to win it all. We deserve a finish that allows the best character to win, not just the strongest.

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