Florida lawmakers should focus on drivers that ignore school buses and EMS vehicles next

This morning, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, will be signing a bill that makes texting while driving a primary offense. This means when the law takes effect, the police can pull you over solely for texting and issue you a citation (story HERE).

Texting and driving has taken lives and caused countless accidents. It takes this kind of legislation to pull drivers away from their screens, even when they’re doing 80 down I4.

There are more challenges on the road that will require lawmakers to intervene. Perhaps as soon as next year.

Drivers continue to ignore school buses when they come to a complete stop to let children out. Despite the flashing lights and the “stop” sign which pops out of the side of the vehicle, drivers will try to speed past them in order to save themselves a minute or two on their commute. Luckily our law enforcement officers are cracking down on these kinds of drivers (stories HERE and HERE).

Despite these news stories and efforts by our traffic police, drivers aren’t listening. It’s time to increase the penalties.

We’re talking about citations that cost more and add more points to your license. That will remind those drivers what’s at stake when they’re putting their time ahead of the lives of our school kids.

Then there are our emergency vehicles.

It’s hard to miss them. They’ve got sirens blaring and lights flashing while they’re trying to get to people that need their help, but drivers have recently began treating these buzzing and blinking first responders as a scenario where reacting is optional. They won’t move out of the way and let the vehicles through.

And when they decide to, that’s when the excitement starts.

Then many of these drivers tap into their Daytona Beach NASCAR roots and began speeding behind those emergency vehicles, drafting them past traffic as far as it will take them.

This behavior puts drivers in danger and can cause additional accidents. Enforcing these infractions can be tricky but when these crashes continue, we’ll be forced to address it.

The new texting and driving ban is a move in the right direction. Let’s keep making decisions that will make Florida roads safer.

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