Movie Review: Brightburn is a loud and uneven take on superhero horror

“Superboy gone bad” is the easiest way to explain the new superhero horror, “Brightburn”. The David Yarovesky directed film manages to check boxes for special effects and jump scares but little else.

Elizabeth Banks stars as Tori Breyer, an artist who’s trying to have a baby with her farm husband, Kyle, played by David Denman. One night, the couple finds a spaceship that has crashed during a media shower and discover a baby boy inside.

Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn), eventually grows into a young boy who has never bled or suffered a bruise. Shortly after his 12th birthday party, he starts to discover his super-powered roots packaged with an evil message.

A big problem is the script. Banks does her best with dialog that is surprisingly campy for a horror with this kind of marketing. Dunn is creepy as little Brandon, but there isn’t enough development in the movie to appreciate it.

One aspect of the film that does work are the special effects. They’re pretty good and up there with the visuals you’ve seen in other higher profile super hero films.

And for a horror film that revolves around the actions of a young boy, there is more than enough blood to earn it’s “R” rating.

But what there is not enough of, are reasons for us to care about these unlikable characters, and not even Brandon has enough strength to carry this plot to a satisfying conclusion.

In the end, “Brightburn” doesn’t have enough to deliver on what could have been a promising concept.


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