Orchid Ballroom demolition should make Orlando residents wary of Church St. redevelopment

News has recently broke that the Orchid Ballroom on Church Street will be demolished this winter to make way for a planned 28 story hotel/office tower (stories HERE and HERE).

The venue has been around for 25 years. It’s a special location for a lot of families and organizations.

And unfortunately, there were weddings scheduled to take place there before the news came down that it was being demolished. This means brides to be will be scrambling to find another location to have their special day.

Development is going to happen, especially here in Central Florida where growth is projected upward for at least the next 20 years, but everyone should have an eye on what’s going on near Church street.

There are reports that the Cheyenne Saloon could be next. These locations aren’t classified as historic, but they’ve been around for years and I wonder why they’re not.

Residents and Orlando leaders should be calling for transparency when it comes to redevelopment on one of Orlando’s most historic locations. This needs to happen as sooner than later, and not on a webpage buried on a site no one knows about.

It’s also unfortunate that this news is breaking on a holiday weekend when a lot of residents are busy spending time with their families. This might still be news to them when they happen to find out down the road.

We should hope that those weddings find new homes. And we should also hope that stronger efforts are made to let Orlando residents know what’s going downtown.

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