Absolutely, keep Tacko Fall in Orlando if he can make Magic better

Tacko Fall worked out for the Orlando Magic on Monday ahead of the NBA draft later this month (story HERE).

You know Tacko. He was part of this last UCF basketball team, which took Duke, yes, Coach K’s Duke, to the limit and almost shocked the world in the NCAA tournament.

And he wants to stay in Orlando, and play for the Magic.

How neat would that be? Especially, if he’s part of the formula that can keep the Magic in the playoffs and push them towards a championship.

Ah yes, that’s the one part we’re not sure of.

Fall is 7’6. This is where height doesn’t always transition easy to the NBA game. There are injury concerns like the ones that plagued Greg Oden. There are also other parts of his game that needs improvement.

But he did push the best player in this draft, Zion Williamson, off of his game. If he can handle the future of the league now, then that’s a good sign he’s going to be able to handle the future of the league down the road as he also improves.

He would also sell jerseys here in Orlando, carry over that UCF fan base from Wall Street to the Amway Center, and truly be a worthy ambassador for the team and the community.

If he can make the Magic better, then Orlando should pick him up. Even if it means taking a marginal risk and selecting him over another player that might not be prepared to make Orlando his home and start looking elsewhere like other “big men” who will remain nameless did after finding success here.

We know this player is hard working and loyal, and in this NBA where that is at a premium on some nights, that goes a long way.

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