Buddy Dyer putting Orlando safety first, rescheduling SOC for Trump rally

Today, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s office announced that they would be pushing back his State of the City address to focus on the logistics of President Donald Trump’s campaign kickoff that will take place here later this month. The two events where scheduled to take place on the same day about two blocks away from each other.

This is an example of the Mayor taking the political high road again.

Dyer is a Democrat. Many of his colleagues around the state would not only had kept the dueling date, but would have weaponized their address to criticize the President during his visit. That’s what a lot of other Orlando-area elected opponents of Trump will be doing that day.

Instead, the Mayor will be focusing on logistics and safety. That’s exactly where it needs to be. I’ve said time and time again, I have serious safety concerns over cramming that many Trump supporters and protesters on that narrow strip on Church Street in front of the Amway Center, with so much construction in the area (story HERE).

The reason Mayor Dyer has been in office for so long, and why he’ll probably be reelected again this year, is because of making the tough, boring decisions on the high road, instead of taking the cheap easy route and picking fights that ultimately mean nothing.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan made the opposite decision and the city as well as the President are no better because of it, and the division between everyone grows only larger. It makes everybody look bad.

Let’s focus on keeping Orlando safe during this rally. The Mayor took us another step towards that goal by making his decision today.

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