Florida Dems shouldn’t forget 2020 candidates that stood them up at Leadership Blue Gala

The Florida Democratic Party will be throwing their “Leadership Blue” Gala this weekend here in the “Heart of the I4” corridor, one of the biggest political battlefields in next year’s Presidential elections.

Zero legitimate Democratic Presidential contenders are scheduled to appear. Not one in this massive field.

Instead, they’ll be in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where they’ll be trying to siphon support in a sea of their rivals, where very few of them have a significant shot of being competitive.

I know, I know, without Iowa or New Hampshire, there might not be a Florida for a lot of these candidates, but you’re telling me not one. One. Top ten contender sees fit to make a half day trip to meet with the group of supporters who might very well be responsible for delivering a presidency next year?


Florida Democrats shouldn’t forget this. In fact, they should resent them for it, and when the time does come for them to get on a plane and make the visit to ask for their support, they should have their “hats in their hands” and answer to this group why they continue to be ignored.

DNC Chair Tom Perez will be here for the Gala and everyone attendee paying hundreds of dollars for tickets should be asking him “Where are the candidates?”.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump will be here in less than two weeks to kick off his reelection campaign.

The President is making Florida the centerpiece of his operation and will be looking to activate the base that got him elected in 2016.

While both parties are bad when it comes to looking out for their grassroots, getting stood up by such a large field of candidates is just a bad look.

And Florida Democrats shouldn’t forget it.

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