Donald Trump feeding concerns over Joe Biden’s health is the help the primary field was waiting for

Before heading out to compete at dueling events in Iowa, President Donald Trump became the latest non primary opponent of former Vice President Joe Biden’s, to bring up concerns over his age and health (story HERE).

Whether it turns out to be true or not (Biden’s team denies it), it’s a smart chess move by the President to feed into the fears of Democratic voters that the 76 year old Biden doesn’t have the energy to go the distance.

This is the help the rest of the Democratic primary field was waiting for.

With Biden’s lead in the polls showing no signs of weakening, the other twenty something candidates have been waiting for Trump to start doing this.

They can’t do it themselves. Its too early in the primary for a “heel turn” in front of voters. There has been some light policy criticism of Biden by some of the major candidates that round out the top 5 during television interviews, but they can’t cite health concerns. One of those candidates, Bernie Sanders, is actually older than Biden.

Still, the President is giving both independents and Democratic voters something to think about. It’s not going to slow down either.

There is just too much for everyone to gain.

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