If Trump is right about Orlando rally demand, they should move to larger venue

This afternoon, President Donald Trump took to social media with this announcement.

It’s possible. After all, we’ve seen the President fill large venues here in Central Florida before, and regardless of what you think of this President, this is a historic announcement. It’s quite possible the demand is more than the Amway Center can hold.

Which is why they should move it.

If you’re a regular reader here, then you know I think having the rally at the Amway Center is a bad idea (story HERE). There is too much construction around there and not enough space for Trump supporters and protesters to coexist peacefully together. Now, with a real certainty that they’re going to fill the building, it looks more and more like we’re trying to stuff a watermelon down a garbage disposal.

Why don’t we do it at Camping World Stadium? There is a photo opp for you. If I were on the President’s team, I’d love that idea. Give everyone plenty of space to move around in a venue that is designed for the event taking place there.

To the city of Orlando’s credit, they’re doing what they can to keep residents safe (story HERE), but even if the President is exaggerating and the demand is half of what he says, that is still too much overflow outside of the arena for safety purposes.

Next Tuesday is shaping up to be a big night for Orlando. The world will be watching as the President makes his announcement. Let’s make sure Orlando looks good by doing what we can to keep our people safe.

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