Movie Review: Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling make “Late Night” enjoyable

Putting two great leads in a movie and giving them some fun exchanges doesn’t seem like a very complicated formula, but Hollywood doesn’t seem to get it right very often these days. And it’s because we get Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling bouncing off each, that “Late Night” is an enjoyable and easy to watch film.

We get to see Thompson cover some new acting ground, as Katherine Newbury, an old school, late night comedy show host with struggling ratings, and Kaling who gets her start as a “diversity hire” with no comedy experience on her writing staff. Together, the two will try to save a dying night time talker by getting out of their respective comfort zones and learning from each other.

If it sounds familiar, it should, but Thompson and Kaling are good enough to make it work and there is just enough humor and convincing drama to make it entertaining.

John Lithgow, and Kaling’s former “The Office” alum, Amy Ryan, also put in some great work in supporting roles, but the two leads are the best part of the movie.

“Late Night” isn’t perfect. When the two leads are separated, the jokes don’t always land, and it does encroach on “Devil Wears Prada” territory at times, but we’re never bored, and director, Nisha Ganatar’s hour-forty five cut makes sure it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

If you’re a fan of either of these two and want an easy to watch dramedy, “Late Night” may be for you.


Running time: 1hr 42 minutes

Rating: R (a very soft “R”)

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