Make space for Forrest Gump 25th Anniversary re-release this weekend

Two of Tom Hank’s greatest roles will be in theaters this weekend.

First, Toy Story 4 is out and it’s my favorite sequel of the series so far, and it might be the best time your family has at the movies this year (story HERE).

And just as good, Forrest Gump is back.

One of the kindest souls you’ll ever watch on the big screen is back along with Jenny, Bubba, Lieutenant Dan, and Mama, as he goes around the world making a special difference in the lives of everyone he meets. The film turns 25 this year and is getting an anniversary re-release.

Robert Zemeckis’ masterpiece hits all of the emotional spaces while achieving some filmmaking milestones in the special effects department that were just being rolled out during production. Hanks won his second Oscar for playing Gump, and the movie was a pop culture centerpiece in the mid 90s.

I recommended it 25 years ago. I’m recommending it today. And in another 25 years, I’ll (hopefully) be recommending it again.

If Woody’s theater is sold out this weekend, try Gump’s. Both films teach great lessons and are worthy of your family’s time and money.

Forrest Gump: GRADE A+

Toy Story 4: GRADE A

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