Movie Review: “Child’s Play” offers guilty and gory fun

Child’s Play is the latest retro-horror reboot to hit theaters and it manages to entertain the same way the 1988 version did, with a campy laughs and scares. 

Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) plays Karen a burnt out single mom and transplant to a new city, stuck working the return desk at a Wal Mart knockoff store.  When she takes home a defective and ultra violent smart-doll, Chucky, it’s not long before the bloody rampage begins. 

Keeping up with the times, Chucky is connected to the internet and all of the other smart appliances around us. Televisions, phones, and even vehicles aren’t above his influence. This makes him far more dangerous than we’re used to and provides some innovative and new ways to eliminate his victims. 

As a “Child’s Play” film, it’s as entertaining as a movie about a killer doll can get. Chucky is both funny and creepy looking on sight alone. The acting is at a typical horror level that leaves the spotlight on the homicidal doll.

Lars Klevberg directs the film fine and some of the sets are wonderfully lit. Still, it’s a Child’s Play film, and a reboot of a cheesy horror is very limited in what it can give you. This is what makes Child’s Play a movie that you have to take at face value

If you’re looking for entertainment that won’t make you think too hard and let’s face it, this franchise doesn’t, then Child’s Play is exactly what you’re looking for.

Grade: C+

Rated: R

Running time: 90 minutes

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