Bring on license plate readers and anything else that will keep UCF students safe

Yesterday, the UCF Police Department (yes, they have their own department, a lot of people still don’t know that) announced they would be installing license plate readers around campus. These readers will run plates against certain databases in efforts to keep students safe (story HERE).

Bring it on.

There are concerns about privacy, but big brother already has all the information he needs on your plates and there is not much he’s going to do with it. If you’re worried about your travel being monitored, then you need to throw your cellphone out the window and your SunPass transponder too.

In fact, don’t use Uber or make debit card purchases either. You see where I’m going with this?

What they can do with those readers is track vehicles belonging to suspects in a crime. They can determine a timeline if a student goes missing from the last time they were on campus. These readers will also keep criminals off of campus.

All of these possibilities result in a safer UCF campus. We need that. It’s not always easy to believe that our campuses are safe places these days. It’s on us to use every resource we have to make students feel safe so that they may succeed in their studies and graduate.

These LPR’s are terrific and we should keep exploring new ways and technologies to make criminals think twice before stepping, or driving on to, our places of higher learning.

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