Democratic Presidential candidates should take detour through Orlando during debate week

All of the credible Presidential candidates will be in Miami this week for the first two official DNC debates that will take place on Wednesday and Thursday. We’re talking about 20 candidates, with about 18 of them kicking and scratching for any sort of spark to move them up in the crowded polls.

How about a stop in Orlando? The “Heart of the I4 Corridor” that has been criminally neglected by the Democratic field so far this year.

Democrats failed to book one major candidate during their “Leadership Blue” gala earlier this month. Not one of the 20 hopefuls that will be down the road in Miami this week attended.

Now is the time to make that right.

Here is the truth. A lower tier candidate can take a half day detour to Orlando and book a few interviews, talking about their preparation for the debate or they can spin the day after. People will talk to you here.

Down in Miami with Biden, Bernie, and some of the others? Not so sure.

Right now, President Donald Trump has the momentum in Orlando. Uncontested, after a rally drew almost 20,000 people to the Amway Center. There hasn’t been a candidate yet that has tried to change the conversation in Central Florida since.

These candidates have been so tied up in the early states that the biggest battleground in the country has been ignored. Yes, I know, if there is not strong showing in Iowa or New Hampshire, there is no Florida, but you’re already going to be here.

There are no excuses. Not when you’re this close.

Here is the truth. Each night of debate will probably have two or three standouts. Ten candidates. Two hours with interruptions. If you’re not polling high, you’re going to be a bathroom break or a trip to the fridge. People will use the restroom when you’re talking because they don’t want to miss the front runners.

Make the time to come here. It won’t be that expensive. Make the most out of your trip to Florida.

These voters deserve your attention.

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