We should take Ron DeSantis seriously when he says he can still bring Space Command to Florida

Today at a Merritt Island press conference, Governor Ron DeSantis told reporters that there was a possibility that Space Command could still find it’s home here in Florida, despite the Sunshine State currently not being on the list of the locations currently being considered (story HERE).

DeSantis would accomplish this by lobbying President Donald Trump to make the final decision.

If the President has that power then we should indeed take DeSantis seriously when he says it’s not a done deal. Here’s why.

Donald Trump loves Florida. He kicked off his reelection campaign here in Orlando last week. South Florida is his second home.

And he also loves his boys down here in Florida too.

I’ve talked about this before (story HERE). President Trump loves Ron DeSantis and essentially won him the Governor’s race last year. He loves Congressman Matt Gaetz, who took DeSantis’ Fox News attack dog role, afterwards. And he loves Rick Scott, who favored him over the other Florida candidates that ran for President in 2016. These are his people.

He pledged to give them $200 million for the Everglades (story HERE).

When Trump wanted to release undocumented immigrants in South Florida, DeSantis talked him out of it (story HERE).

Then there is the 2020 election picture. It sure would sound great on the stump, if the President said Space Command was coming to the biggest swing state in the country.

To me the question isn’t whether Trump wants to do it, it’s whether he’s allowed to override the Air Force. As Commander in Chief, he should be able to.

If DeSantis says it’s not over, we should take him seriously.

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