Orlando’s texting while driving law is going into effect and no one is paying attention

Alright guys, public service announcement time, put down the cellphones while you’re driving. Seriously this time.

The new texting while driving law goes into effect tomorrow and unlike the last time, this is a primary offense and you will be pulled over for it. Before they could only stop you if you were doing something else wrong.

I’m writing this post because no one is paying attention.

While the media has done a great job notifying the public (story HERE), some will forget, others won’t take the penalties seriously enough, and there will be some that won’t understand the hands-free component of the law in school and work zones.

Law enforcement officers have said they’re going to play it cool and issue warnings for the first six months, but they can enforce other violations spotted during the stop. There will be drivers that won’t understand that either.

If it sounds like I’m being tough on Orlando residents, the truth is that many of these violations will fall on younger drivers that don’t necessarily watch local news or read the paper. They’ll learn the hard way.

So, if you know a younger driver, point it out to them, you may save them some headaches.

And use July 1st to make a pledge to put the phone down and if you absolutely can’t wait to “Lol” then pull over.

This law will save lives. It’s just going to take a while before everyone knows it exists.

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