Orlando Magic fans should want Kawhi Leonard to go to the Clippers

NBA free agency has been a great experience for fans (story HERE), but one big name remains. Kawhi Leonard took the Toronto Raptors and the whole nation of Canada on a while ride that concluded in a world championship. Now that his job is done he has the opportunity to pick a new home.

If you’re an Orlando Magic fan, where should you want that new home to be?

The Los Angeles Clippers.

Our main objective is to get Kawhi out of the Eastern Conference. We’re quick to forget that the we were the first victims of that Raptors playoff championship run. If we can get him as far away as possible, that would be terrific.

A decision to stay in Toronto would be the worst way this could play out for us.

What about the Los Angeles Lakers? If I worked for Kawhi, I would tell him to sign with LeBron in “La La Land”. Some have called this a weak move, I think it’s the best option on the table (story HERE). It would also be a massive heel turn that we haven’t seen in a few years. The Lakers would be the big bad and it would be great drama for the NBA.

The problem is that it does create a new superteam, and if the Magic defy all odds next season and manage to get to the NBA finals, the last thing we want to do is run into the Lakers again like we did a decade ago.

Nope. The Clippers. We’ll take that.

Doc Rivers’ squad would be great, but they would create another band of resistance in an already over powered western conference and they all can’t make it to the finals. Whoever does make it out will be exhausted.

And it’s on the other side of the continent from us.

So, as we hear the rumors, let’s root for that other team in Los Angeles. It could make our path through the playoffs much easier. Pick the Clippers Kawhi.

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