Hey, USWNT critics, keep it down, they’re trying to win a World Cup for us

Sometimes, I wonder if there is a following of people in the United States that want to watch our United States Women’s National Team lose this World Cup tournament.

All of the press has been negative since the beginning. First, haters were complaining that we scored too many goals against Thailand (something which is as ridiculous as it sounds, story HERE), then there was drama over coaches scouting out a party location where another team happen to be staying (a coincidence), followed by the ongoing noise about Megan Rapinoe’s decision to not visit the White House if the team wins, which is her right and something players in every other major sport have decided to do over the last couple of years.

Now people are upset over Alex Morgan’s “sipping tea” goal celebration against England. Which doesn’t even rank in the top 50 of all “burn” celebrations in the history of sports.

This is the competitive nature of sports ladies and gentlemen.

And it’s not just an American thing either.

I’ve played football around the world and celebrations and taunting goes right along with cleets as far as this game goes. Heck, we can go to Soccer centers right here in Orlando and you’ll hear unpleasant things said in five different languages from players that have traveled from almost every continent.

Still, we’re upset about a little tea sipping. Get over it.

All of these things are distractions. They take attention away from the game, they divide the fan base, and worst of all, they provide openings for the opposition.

We play the Netherlands on Sunday, and they’re counting on this nonsense to continue. They want to shock the world and topple the giants.

We shouldn’t want that to happen. Never.

And if you personally want our USWNT team to lose, then at least keep it to yourself, because there are a lot more people that want them to win and you don’t get to subtract from this team’s hard work.

To close, I think of other great American teams that competed on the world stage. The 92′ Men’s Olympic Basketball team that won gold in Barcelona. Jordan, Johnson, Barkley.

They never had to deal with these distractions and this women’s world cup team shouldn’t have to either.

Let’s hope we can all celebrate on Sunday. This team deserves it.

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