No, the Orlando Magic still shouldn’t take Dwight Howard back

In case you haven’t heard, Dwight Howard has been traded again (story HERE).

This time from the Washington Wizards to the Memphis Grizzlies, where he is expected to be waived in a cash saving move by Memphis, afterwards Howard will likely be looking for a new home.

And Orlando still shouldn’t welcome him back.

Should we be a forgiving community? Sure. But the truth is Dwight left a mess behind when he bolted for the Lakers and we’ve just now recovered.

The Orlando Magic returned to the playoffs for the first time in years this season, and we have a core that can really make some noise next season. We have a positive environment made of humble stars, two of them who decided to stay in the City Beautiful and build something (story HERE). Why would we ever reintroduce a corrosive element to such a promising young team?

Howard is also more injury prone than ever. He was injured last season for the Wizards and has had problems fitting in with his previous teams.

The Lakers, the Houston Rockets, the Charlotte Hornets, the Wizards and now possibly another team. It shouldn’t be us.

Instead, the Magic should focus on getting it’s key pieces back. We’ve got some great young players that just need to stay healthy to make a real difference.

There may be a day when the team decides they should honor Howard. After all, when he was here he was good.

But that day should come further in the future and should not impede on the progress the team has made without him.

This post may seen harsh. But when it does, and whenever you think Dwight Howard deserves another shot here in Orlando, watch this interview below and ask yourself “Do we really want this element back in Orlando, now?”

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