How I ended up on the outside of the “Stranger Things” following

Everyone has that one popular show they can’t get into. And many of us, including me, are very fast to judge when they find someone who doesn’t share their enthusiasm for a brand of television .

“You don’t like Game of Thrones?! What is wrong with you?! Did a dragon eat your pet goat when you were a kid?! Unreal!”

“Tell me. Is the reason you don’t like Breaking Bad, because you’re actually on drugs, similar to the kind being produced on the show?”

“I understand why you never got into “Lost”. It’s plot is a little more complicated than those “Tom and Jerry” reruns I saw you watching.” (I actually love Tom and Jerry)

My show is “Stranger Things”. It’s not even close. I don’t get it. I don’t enjoy the characters. The story is too cloudy. I mean, I can understand why people like it. It does 80s nostalgia very well, but it’s just not for me.

Believe me. I’ve tried. Twice.

Now, the popularity of the show is undeniable, and there are other people I like and respect that enjoy the show. But not me.

I suppose I could slog through it. This is similar to when I’m watching a bad film that I have to review. Stranger Things started before I was writing about entertainment every day, so I never had to force feed myself.

This is not a diss on the show or the likeable cast that I’ve seen on the night time talkers. I just don’t get it.

And Netflix won’t stop suggesting it to me. Sorry algorithm, it’s “The Office” reruns again tonight.

There may come a time when I’ll be on a plane or a train, and the only thing that might be available is Stranger Things, and I’ll watch it with a side of Green Eggs and Ham.

It’s also worth noting that I didn’t enjoy “Seinfeld” the first time out. I became a fan of the show after it’s initial run on TV. Now I watch it on syndication whenever I wander across it.

So try not to judge when you hear someone tell you there not crazy about a TV show. Everybody has that one program that just isn’t for them.

Mine just happens to be Stranger Things. Be sure to like, follow, and leave your judgmental comments below!

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