City of Orlando needs to consider doing more to protect wildlife at Lake Eola

A black-necked swan died at Lake Eola this week, according to the report (story HERE), it might have gotten into an altercation with another bird. The swan was part of a clever “Bachlorette” like program by the city to reproduce with another bird that was already on location, and who’s previous mate died a few years back after eating popcorn.

While a procedure is being done to find out what exactly happened, the wildlife at Lake Eola constantly has the public in it’s face. We have celebrations, protests, charity events, and festivals, and during each of these events people are constantly chasing after these animals and sometimes even throwing things at them. Then after we leave, there is trash everywhere.

We’re jerks when you think about it. The worst party guests ever.

I’m not here to assign blame to the City of Orlando, but they should consider issuing fines to residents that are seen harassing the birds, along with a couple of cameras.

Hopefully, we learn that it was indeed another bird that lead to the death of this bird and not a person. If it turns out the latter is the case then we should consider doing something.

Lake Eola is a wonderful location in the heart of a rapidly growing region, moving into the future it’s biggest enemy will be us. Let’s get out in front of that problem and take action now.

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