Orange County should implement transparency measures for VISIT Orlando

First off, it’s important to know that VISIT Orlando technically hasn’t done anything wrong (story HERE) but the Orange County Comptroller is recommending transparency measures to the county commission for the tax funded tourism agency.

The key words there are tax funded.

We always owe our residents as much information as possible over how we’re spending government money. And while VISIT Orlando hasn’t necessarily done anything wrong, there has been controversy regarding VISIT Florida and concerns over transparency with their organization.

Let’s be on the safe side and inspire some confidence with Orange County constituents.

These recommendations are also coming from the Orange County Comptroller Phil Diamond, and well, he’s demonstrated himself to be a pretty good comptroller. His recommendations are usually pretty right on and historically, when we’ve passed on these measures some mistakes are usually identified down the road.

There will likely be objections. These objections will likely come from those who stand to benefit from a lack of transparency to the community. I don’t have to spell that out for you, but that’s not good. And we’ve seen the tourism industry fight back when disagreements over money have come up before.

Don’t go for it this time. If someone is speaking out against transparency, we need to be asking ourselves why?

Let’s calmly tell our representatives at Orange County that we deserve to know how these tax dollars are being spent. Transparency over the matter should not be a debate.

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