The Miami Heat shouldn’t take in an aging Chris Paul

The NBA again failed to disappoint again last night, with the Oklahoma City Thunder trading Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets for Chris Paul and draft picks. As we speak, the Thunder are exploring trade options for Paul, with a potential landing spot being the Miami Heat (story HERE).

To our neighbors to the south. Don’t do it.

In many ways, taking in Paul is an even worse deal than taking in Westbrook. The former is older and doesn’t have near the production of the latter. One thing that is similar is that contract dollar amount which is about $130 million dollars for a player that will be north of 35 after it’s all done.

Then there is a question over whether Paul will be healthy. While he’s a great one when he’s on the floor, he has a hard time staying on it. The Rockets needed him healthy in game 6 back in 2018, but Paul was injured. That was arguably the difference in that game. There have also been other stints on the bench because he’s been hurt.

Going further, then there is a trend with Paul’s personality. He couldn’t find chemistry with Doc Rivers and the Clippers in Los Angeles, and there was reportedly problems with James Harden in Houston. No space for that drama in Miami.

Miami has a lot of moving parts in play right now and the team will be interesting to watch next season. They should pass on an aging, overpaid, drama starter in Chris Paul.

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