Seminole County should remain the “Natural Choice” and ban plastic straws from venues

Last month, the City of Orlando enacted a ban on plastic and styrofoam items in their parks and venues (story HERE). Now there are some in Seminole County that would like to do the same (story HERE).

It’s not often I say this but, Seminole County should do what Orlando did.

Really, there isn’t a good reason not to, especially when you’re calling yourself “Florida’s Natural Choice”.

The natural choice is to preserve your natural resources and these kind of ordinances do precisely that.

Understandably, there are concerns about local government overreach. Residents in Seminole have typically been around longer than their neighbors to the south, they want less regulation and more space to do business. If it’s straws tomorrow, it might be something else the day after.

I think this commission is more vigilant than that.

There is also a friendly condition in the Orlando ordinance that exempts groups with under 100 people. This should cover a fair amount of functions at Seminole facilities if they include it in their language.

Seminole County has a lot going for it right now. It’s public education system is top flight and has been for a long time. Quality jobs keep popping up around the area, and development hasn’t overran the place yet.

They should add an environmental talking point to those great achievements and support a ban.

It’s only natural that they do.

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