DeSantis, Scott, and Rubio will give Trump an extra 2020 advantage in Florida

Next year, you won’t see Rick Scott or Marco Rubio’s name on the ballot. With Rubio winning reelection in 2016, and Scott jumping from the Governor’s mansion to Senate last year, both lawmakers will have some time on their calendars next year during one of the most potentially contentious presidential elections in our nation’s history.

And Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t have an election fight as well.

This will work in President Donald Trump’s favor.

This is three statewide elected officials with 6 victories in Florida between them and zero losses. Rubio, DeSantis, and Scott all know what it takes to win here and move just enough moderate voters to secure a victory.

Now, all they have to do is jump on a bus and campaign for Trump. You know, DeSantis and Scott will be down. They are loyal Trump supporters. Rubio is a little different, but if the Democrats nominate a far left leaning progressive he won’t hesitate to fight for the President he often disagrees with, even if there is a risk it he’ll have to take some bumps ahead of his political future.

If you are the Democratic nominee, how do you fight that kind of presence in the “Heart of the I4 corridor”?

This is potentially what the rally schedule might look like down the stretch of the last election.

Monday: Trump

Tuesday: Scott

Wednesday: DeSantis

Thursday: Pence

Friday: Rubio

Saturday: All of them


This is all earned media that will hit every market in Florida. We’ve never seen a rush like that down here in the digital age. One of these guys will be in the face of Florida swing voters every day.

That’s a big advantage for Trump and a something to think about for Democrats.

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