City of Orlando should have moved Welcome Center in bad location instead of spending $670K more on it

In a recent “Worth it or wasted?” story HERE, reporters questioned whether the City of Orlando should have spent an additional $670,000 on improvements for it’s downtown welcome center.

That money was wasted. The Welcome Center is in a location that, at times, makes a terrible first impression with visitors.

The reason is that the office is located next to Senator Marco Rubio’s office and down the block from City Hall. These are two of the most popular locations for protests. They happen on a weekly basis. It’s popular because it’s in a highly visible location and walking distance from four important media outlets.

But hey, welcome to Orlando.

This location should have been closer to the airport. Now, you’re asking “how can you “Discover Downtown” from the airport?”.

The answer is better than you can after you’ve already discovered downtown when you’re there and already using your smartphone to get you to where you need to go.

And if you don’t want to move it, why the improvements? It’s already a good looking shop?

One of the improvements on the welcome center is office space, and that’s what it comes down to. This is a vanity project for a downtown office, in a location that regularly highlights the element of division in our community.

And that’s not fair because we’re a united community. We just happen to be investing in the most conflicted part of that community.

And you’re paying for it.

If Orlando leaders are smart, they’ll demand a real demonstration of return of investment from this project. Not a cute video. Numbers.

We deserve at least that. Bad projects can lead to protesters. At least in this case they’ll know exactly where to go.

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