We need to listen to Pulse victims if they want museum cancelled

There has been growing concern from victims of the Pulse nightclub attack and their families, over a proposed museum that is currently being considered. The group believes that it’s the wrong way to honor the 49 people that lost their lives during the darkest day in Orlando’s history and there are also many that would like to see the nightclub torn down altogether (story HERE).

We need to carefully listen to these concerns and determine if we’re taking the right course of action.

Proponents of the museum have been quick to compare it to similar operations meant to honor victims of 9/11 and the Oklahoma City Bombing.

I disagree with that talking point.

The terrorists involved in those attacks were intent on destroying those buildings with the people inside. Standing up those new structures to honor victims is in exact defiance to the terrorists. A statement from those communities that they did not win.

Here we have voices that don’t want museum built and don’t want the club to remain up. Those voices must be measured.

The non profit Orange County Regional History center has exhibitions honoring Pulse. There are also plans to build a free memorial that anyone can visit without paying a fee, buying a t-shirt, or bolstering an executive’s six figure salary.

What needs to be done is a proper vote involving the victims and their immediate families. Perhaps even the entire community.

If we’re going to honor the ones we’ve lost, it must be done the right way.

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