Doubling of anti-terrorism dollars for an Orlando is also an investment in protecting American tourism

The Department of Homeland Security will doubling the funding allocated towards anti-terrorism efforts here in Orlando to $3.25 million dollars, a significant increase to what we’ve seen in the past due to an outdated calculation scheme (story HERE).

As one of the most visited places in the world, DHS and the rest of the federal government should recognize this as an investment to protect one of the fastest growing local economies in the country.

The whole community was alerted to how funding was determined after the Pulse tragedy here in Orlando. The algorithm didn’t take into consideration factors like tourism. People relate Orlando to Disney. People related Orlando to Universal. Some people relate it to the beaches. It’s how the world measures our distance, whether it’s accurate or not.

An attack on Orlando is essentially an on American tourism.

That’s why this increase is a win.

I remember a congressional committee hearing from a couple of years back. Orlando and Orange County sent leaders like the Mayor, Sheriff, and Police Chief to testify. The ideas kicked around will make the bad guys think twice before choosing to attack this community.

Now we’ll get to see some of those ideas put into place.

In this climate, Washington seldom does anything right, but making Orlando a safer place touches on all of the dimensions that makes up the very definition of anti-terrorism. We’re protecting not only lives here in our community but from all over the world.

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