#YouAreOfficiallyOldIf you remember these 30 things about Orlando

Right now #YouAreOfficiallyOldIf is trending online in an effort to make everyone feel miserable about their age.

Well let’s localize that misery. I’ve called Central Florida home for over *cough* *cough* years, and I’m here to tell you that #YouAreOfficiallyOldIf you remember these things 30 about Orlando.

  1. Getting your Driver’s License at the DMV where the Winter Park Village currently sits.
  2. The Summit building being the only significant structure on Maitland Boulevard.
  3. Eckerd’s being the Drugstore of Choice.
  4. Renting your movies from Mega Movies, 16,000 movies, or Movie Gallery.
  5. The Orlando Thunder.
  6. The Orlando Twins.
  7. Taking the CTBS test in Orange County Schools
  8. QZar Laser Tag on Orange Avenue.
  9. Having the Duke Boys come to your classroom, fake arresting your teacher, and telling you not to use drugs.
  10. If you were either a Cablevision or Telesat family.
  11. Epcot’s World of Tomorrow featuring touchscreens you’re probably using at this very moment.
  12. When Wet n’ Wild’s Summer Nights was the best July party in Orlando.
  13. The West Oaks Mall was the shining jewel of shopping in Orlando and had stadium seating in it’s movie theater.
  14. Driving through Altamonte Springs to get to Apopka because there was no overpass on the 414.
  15. We had a Shoney’s in every town and that breakfast buffet was awesome.
  16. LYNX was an efficient bus system. Just kidding! LYNX has never been efficient.
  17. The Rimar Drive In Theater.
  18. Pay Phone Banks at all of the tourism heavy locations.
  19. When Orlando area convenient stores would keep all of their cigarettes in a big tub at the center of their locations.
  20. Orlando Magic Players coming to your class and then getting asked questions for 45 minutes about Michael Jordan.
  21. Mannequins on Pleasure Island.
  22. Computer labs in Orange County Public schools that were filled wall to wall with huge monitors.
  23. Those NSFW hot dog vendors you’d see everywhere.
  24. Sunbank, Barnett Bank, and First Union Credit Union.
  25. Captain EO’s original run at Disney.
  26. BJ 105.1 and SHE 100.3
  27. The Hanna Barbera ride being the best thing about Universal Studios.
  28. When John Morgan was on TV but had two other names attached to him.
  29. When Orlando hosted it’s first All Star game at the O-rena with most of the members of the 92′ Dream Team in attendance.
  30. You went to High School with Frank Torres

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