Dorian hitting Puerto Rico is an indirect blow to the Orlando community

I don’t have to tell you that Hurricane season, especially the window we’re currently in, is a nervous time for Florida. Right now all eyes are on Dorian which will strengthen to either tropical storm or hurricane strength before it’s all over.

We’ve all got eyes on its track, with some models reaching the eastern coast of Central Florida this weekend. There is still a lot of uncertainty involved with it’s path.

But for the Orlando area Puerto Rican community, we’re already worried about our friends and families on the island that could see Dorian as early as tomorrow morning.

The island, which has had to deal with unstable government leadership in previous months, now has to deal with another weather emergency, the type which plunged them into crisis when Maria devastated the island almost two years ago. There are still people living under tarps and the delicate energy grid will buckle under the pressure of severe weather, once again leaving large parts, if not the entire island without power again.

This is on the minds of many Puerto Rican residents here, some who left the island after the storms to come to Orlando and rebuild their lives. They must now watch loved ones relive the entire experience all over again.

Thankfully, local media is layering their coverage with constant mentions of how the storm could effect Puerto Rico. Emergency personnel and resources from Miami are already en route to help with any recovery efforts that are needed.

Florida has always been an excellent neighbor to our fellow Americans to the South. Let’s hope this storm and any other systems that may develop find their paths going to where they can’t hurt anyone.

And let’s also continue to be good neighbors to each other as we continue to steer through hurricane season together.

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