Yes, Pete Davidson was wrong for going off on UCF students during performance

Last night, Comedian, Pete Davidson, seemingly lost his cool during his performance at the Addition arena last night on the UCF campus (story HERE).

You can’t defend the Saturday Night Live star for riding into town and calling the men and women that will make up the future of our community “retarded”. He was out of line. You can’t go off on a whole crowd of fans because one of them pulls out a cellphone and starts filming you.

In writing this post, I did due diligence and considered the other side of the argument.

Davidson has a well documented history of mental illness (story HERE and HERE), including “blind rage” which might have played a role in him losing his temper last night.

There was his very public engagement and break up with Ariana Grande. While dating a pop superstar is difficult in the minds of many to consider a challenge, losing a fiance can really hurt someone.

We also have the social media scare when many believed Davidson to be potentially suicidal (story HERE and HERE).

Davidson has also spent time in rehab and grew up without a father, who was a firefighter who died during the 9/11 attacks.

We can’t defend the way he acted or what he said, but we can understand.

Either way, I would like to see an apology from Davidson to the students at UCF. It could go a long way to helping put what was a very unfortunate night behind all of us.

The Addition arena could also go the extra mile to ensure there is an understanding regarding the filming of performances inside of their venue. This could prevent another event of this kind.

UCF students should also continue to voice how they feel about the entire controversy. It’s their campus, they pay the tuition which often drives them into debt, and they should never feel insulted walking away from an evening that is supposed to be a memorable and happy occasion.

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