Hurricane Dorian in Orlando: Let’s keep promoting generator safety

One of the saddest and most preventable deaths we’ve seen during hurricanes in recent years, has been carbon monoxide poisoning from improper generator use. We’ve seen it take lives right here in Orlando (story HERE). Now, as Hurricane Dorian approaches our shores, we must do what we can to educate the public regarding the deadly consequences of not knowing how to properly operate your generator.

What many residents will unfortunately do, is put their generators too close, if not, inside of their homes. The power is out, so the air is already stagnant and they’re introducing poisonous gas to their bodies. Carbon monoxide is a silent and odorles killer. Many times victims will go to sleep and never wake up.

We have to educate.

We should issue a reminder as a chaser to any generator related matters we’re discussing, “Don’t use these indoors.”

We should add signs near pallets and displays selling the machines “Do not use indoors.”

Emergency management personnel need to post reminders on social media and in their online press conferences.

We we need to do whatever we can to avoid anymore needless loss of life.

Generators can change an entire hurricane experience. Hot food, cold drinks, and cool air, they are a wonderful tool to have. But like any tool, they can cause harm if used improperly.

As Hurricane Dorian approaches, let’s educate the public and eliminate any chance of seeing more of these tragedies.

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