City of Orlando should do something about pedestrian safety concerns on Kaley Avenue

Here in Orlando, we’re known for being the best family vacation destination in the world, being home to one of the biggest universities in the country, and for having one of the fastest growing communities in the U.S.

We’re also known for being a really bad place for pedestrian safety (stories HERE, HERE, and HERE).

And now we’re in back in the news for safety concerns, this time about Kaley Avenue (story HERE). There are drivers speeding between the elementary school and high school that are a block away from each other.

The City of Orlando should get involved ASAP.

I can vouch for this story because I used to live off of Kaley Avenue. Due to it’s proximity to downtown there is high traffic density. You can point to the Supervisor of Elections office, where I’ve seen campaign workers almost get hit several times over the years. You can look to the intersection of Kaley and Orange, where people visiting Pulse will often have to dodge traffic with flowers in hand.

And yes, you can look between Boone High School and Kaley elementary, where parents have had to tug their kid’s arm once or twice because they knew drivers weren’t going to slow down for them.

Orlando Police has said they’ve done surveys. I trust them. But I also know drivers will get complacent if there isn’t a consistent police presence in a low speed residential area.

OPD should stand up speed traps and fine drivers who are blazing through school zones. There can be zero tolerance for such reckless behavior.

Let’s be proactive and take another step to repairing Orlando’s reputation for pedestrian safety.

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