Orlando leaders shouldn’t stand by and do nothing while coyotes threaten our pets again

The coyotes are back in the headlines (story HERE).

No, the coyotes aren’t the name of a ska local band, and I’m not talking about the Phoenix hockey team. I am talking about the wild animal. And for years they’ve been threatening our dogs and cats.

We keep taking our eyes off of the ball. They show up, attack, we mourn out pets when they’re eaten, and we forget about it. By this time they must think they run the place.

Elected officials with the City of Orlando are saying it’s not their responsibility.

Florida Fish and Wildlife is also shrugging.

But if it’s not their lane, then who? Do we really expect out residents to continue hiding their pets from these animals? That’s not good enough.

Orlando residents should not have to walk the streets and worry about their pets being hunted by coyotes. That feels ridiculous as I type it and that’s because it’s even more ridiculous in practice.

And it’s not just pets. Coyotes have had violent encounters with people too (story HERE).

Someone has to do something. We’re in a tough spot when all of the government agencies are saying they’re not responsible.

One solution is for the city to establish ordinances that will keep the coyotes out of populated areas. This could be similar to what we’ve done with the black bears. Eliminate their reason for being there.

What residents need to do is to pick up the phone and call their elected officials. If none of them will step up, then they need to vote with that lack of action in mind.

Do that enough times and someone will come up with a plan.

Until then, we’ll have to continue to worry about our pets being savagely killed and eaten by these predators every time they leave the house.

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