This is why Buddy Dyer is so tough to debate during his reelection campaigns

Last night, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer debated his two opponents for reelection at a local church. You can watch that debate HERE. I felt like he won the debate, but he always does well during these forums. This is my third Buddy Dyer reelection campaign and the truth is that he might be one of the toughest lawmakers to debate in Central Florida.

Here’s why:

Issues on a municipal level can be answered more directly: We’re not sending someone to D.C or Tally here. We don’t need overly political answers on public safety and services. This means the Mayor can pull from 16 years of experience and answer questions fairly easy.

He’s never been hyper-partisan: The Mayor is a Democrat, but he mostly only campaigns under the party for Presidential and Gubernatorial races . He also doesn’t go looking for fights while in office and manages to be pro business while still pushing a platform that allows for growth on any level. This is why he gets endorsements and donations from both parties.

He has growth and a strong economy on his side: Orlando has been on the right side of job creation for a few years now and Dyer can say he’s led the city through a period of strong growth. It wasn’t always that way, especially during the post housing crisis recession.

A soft spoken debater, who seldom goes on the offensive: The Mayor isn’t a loud or visual personality on the stump and while it might not make for the most entertaining experience, it does make anyone that does attack him look like a bully.

And he’s not even using his heaviest, recent examples of leadership: During his latest term, the Mayor has been in charge during the Pulse Nightclub Tragedy and two hurricanes. A lot of politicians will use disasters to raise their own profiles during a campaign and the three other leadership figures during these tragedies have won elections since (Jerry Demings, Teresa Jacobs, John Mina). Residents appreciate their work, but the Mayor hasn’t talked about it a lot.

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