City of Orlando is wise for proactive approach with Electric Scooter trend

Have you seen those electric scooters that people are buzzing up and down the sidewalks in? They’re pretty neat.

While I’m more of a thrill seeker and prefer walking around Orlando (story HERE), there is no denying that these scooters are part of the next level of transportation for growing cities.

And the City of Orlando is right on top of it.

There’s already a proposed ordinance that is set to go before the city council and it sounds pretty reasonable (story HERE).

The reason this post exist is because Orlando isn’t always this proactive with laying down the ground rules for technology trends.

There was the war with ridesharing that went on for years (story HERE) and we were also a little slow when finding solutions for the fair use of drones in the area (story HERE).

The ordinance still has to be approved and the scooter companies will still have to hold up their end of the rules but it looks promising. It will also be up to everyone to cut down on “scooter litter”. That is exactly what it sounds like. People love to leave these things laying around.

But we’re out in front of this one. Let’s do our best to keep that trend going.

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