We know, we know, Orlando still isn’t a safe place for pedestrians

Another day, another study that says Orlando is the worst place in the country for pedestrian safety (latest story HERE).

We know. We’re working on it.

Today, law enforcement will be cracking down on crosswalk safety and giving out tickets to drivers (story HERE).

And they’re going to keep doing it until we get off of these of these lists.

At this point it almost feels like some of these organizations are just copying and pasting these rankings.

While involvement from law enforcement is going to play a big part in fixing the problem, we the public, have to pay attention to these laws when we’re walking to our destinations.

Hardly a day goes by where I’m driving through Orlando and I don’t see someone breaking pedestrian safety laws.

I’m talking about someone crouched on a median on Colonial drive, texting on their phone, while cars speed in both directions.

Or someone jogging across 17-92 with their hands full during rush hour.

And don’t get me started about Downtown Orlando at night where you would think that pedestrian safety signals are more like suggestions than laws.

The point here is that anymore studies pointing out what we already know isn’t going to help anymore. Lists are worthless at this point.

We need more in depth “Orlando-centric” numbers that are showing if we’ve actually seen a reduction of pedestrian accidents since we started making these lists a few years back.

That’s what will help us now.

Not another study conducted by some out of area organization by personnel with no real understanding of how pedestrian safety in Central Florida actually works.

We’re working on it. It will get better.

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