Search for next UCF President shouldn’t be another highly expensive affair

The search is on for another President for the University of Central Florida (story HERE) after a spending controversy in the millions (story HERE) resulted in the resignation of the last President and the departure of several other administrators.

The last time UCF held a search it costed approximately $236,000 (story HERE).

Fees for headhunters, air travel, and fancy meals for what ended up being nothing more than a formality.

We’re talking about $236K to find someone that was already here. Working on campus.

And sadly, for someone who was little more than a rental, for the position who had to resign for something that occurred when he wasn’t even on the job.

Now this Board of Trustees is going to pull out the university’s checkbook again for another search. During a period when their spending is already in question.

How about we just put out an ad on Indeed? Ok, that might be a too easy.

Instead, how about we do a better internal search for candidates. The last President was already here. We have an interim President, who despite being highly regarded, doesn’t want the job. There are solutions that don’t require hundreds of thousands of wasted dollars.

The students and the community deserve a more efficient effort that doesn’t involve blindly writing checks. That’s what got us in this mess to begin with.

The new era doesn’t start with the hire of a new President, it starts now, and let’s get that era off to a good start.

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