Movie Review: “Rambo: Last Blood will please only the most loyal of fans

John Rambo is back for one last run in “Rambo: Last Blood”, a gory and action packed sprint that is heavy on the bullets and light on substance. The result is an action film that says good bye to our hero in a fashion that will appeal to only his most loyal fans.

Sylvester Stallone’s hero finds himself living a peaceful life on a farm breaking in horses and preparing to send his niece off to college. When that niece is kidnapped by human traffickers in Mexico, Rambo must go to war once more to make things right.

The unfortunate part of this film is that it turns into part a “Taken”, part “Mortal Kombat” affair, with a little “Home Alone” thrown in for good measure.

Boy, is this film bloody. Rambo is taking out bad guys in the most graphic and violent ways imaginable. That’s what you’re expecting right? And that’s certainly what these bad guys deserve, but the problem here is that the kills are so over the top (no pun intended) that the audience in my screening started laughing. Is it enjoyable? If it’s your thing, yes. But is that really what Director Adrian Grunberg was going for? Probably not.

If you’ve followed Stallone’s long time characters, like Rambo, like Rocky Balboa, then you have a soft spot for them and that should make this film a little more tolerable. As bad as the writing can be here, you see a character you feel for by the legacy he’s created over the decades more than his latest work. That’s the case here.

At under an hour and a half (and it could have been shorter), it will be over before you know it and hey, you shouldn’t be bored.

Rambo: Last Blood will please our hero’s fans that have been with him since the beginning (most of the people in my screening were older than I was), but the rest probably won’t have as much of a hard time saying goodbye.

Stay for the credits:

Rambo: Last Blood

Grade: C

Running time: 1Hr 29 minutes

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