With no real GOP options for Orlando Mayor, local Republicans are lining up behind Buddy Dyer for reelection

As we begin the main campaign stretch to the election for Orlando Mayor on November 5th, some local Republican Mayors and Commissioners are formally endorsing incumbent, Buddy Dyer for reelection (stories HERE and HERE).

This is because there are no viable GOP alternatives to the longtime, and fairly moderate incumbent. It’s also a non partisan race.

For Republicans, Buddy Dyer is a lot like the “Impossible Whopper” from Burger King. He’s not the real thing, but he tries hard enough to please everyone on both sides.

This means creating a business friendly environment and not picking partisan fights for the sake of getting a few headlines.

For eight years, Dyer worked with Rick Scott and the two were able to turn Orlando into one of the fastest growing communities in the nation, with economic growth numbers that were ahead of the national trend coming out of the recession.

Yes, he spends more than some conservatives would like, and for the real big elections, he’ll campaign for Hillary Clinton or Andrew Gillum, but business leaders like him. Look no further than his donor reports for proof.

And in this election, there aren’t any other real options for Republicans (story HERE). The alternatives offer plans that require higher taxes and even more spending. With Orange County pushing for ill advised tax increases for transportation needs, any more fiscal unknowns could send the region in the wrong direction in a hurry.

So, over the next few weeks prepare to see more Republicans line up behind Dyer, and we shouldn’t be surprised. You could do far worse.

Buddy Dyer


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